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New Growth

Our Mission

To provide coaching services to women, ages 35 and older, that guide and harness their intrinsic motivation through mindset skill training. We help to harness passion, and desires so that clients can reach their highest potential and fulfill their purpose and destiny in life.

Our Founder

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Marsha Taylor is an educator, leader and motivator who served both public and charter schools for over 20 years. Mrs. Taylor gained her elementary teaching degree at St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College in Jamaica where she taught for eight years. During this time, she attended The Institute of Theological Leadership Development earned her Bachelor in Guidance and Counseling. She served as a counselor and worked with individuals of all age groups with various community needs.

She migrated to the USA as a teacher ambassador and later completed her Master’s degree at Regent University in Administrative Leadership. 

As an Educator for over twenty years, Ms. Taylor developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with children and serving her church and school community as a team leader and a life coach.


Mrs. Taylor currently lives in North Carolina where she continues to serve in the field of education and is the Executive Director for the SMARTBUS an organization that provides academic resources for underachieved students as well as the program Books by Brown Boys to narrow their reading gap. She has a passion and a zeal to help others to reach their highest potential in life through mindset change.  

"Insight was founded years ago when I realized so many women were hurting, hopeless and fearful as they navigated their lives to find their purpose. In that moment I knew I needed to help and felt a spiritual connection to this calling. So, I became a guidance counselor with the intention of helping young children understand processes and obstacles which eradicate the extreme mistakes and hurts they would experience as they evolved.

In June 2017, this calling was reactivated. As a result, I became a life coach; fully committed to continue this journey with you."

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